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Narrow #5

Narrow #5
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The grand arch of Shawn Morin’s sculpture Narrow #5 serves as the gateway to the “Titration” exhibition and provides wayfinding through sight lines to the other sculptures in the park.

Dublin Arts Council chose the exhibition title “Titration” to reflect the addition of a new concentration of sculpture into the community. It was curated as part of “Ripple Effect: Artistic Impact of the Scioto River,” a Dublin Arts Council project designed to offer unique opportunities for visual, performing and interpretive art projects associated with investigation of the Scioto River.

Titration is a common laboratory method used to add a measured quantity of a reagent, called a titrant, into an unknown reagent, called a reactant, to produce a chemical reaction. The exhibition series reflects the fluid properties of its name in the figurative sense: our changing community, our growing collection of public art, and Dublin’s sense of cultural identity. The exhibition dovetailed with the introduction of Riverboxes, another public art initiative that encourages historical and artistic exploration and response to the river in our midst.

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Purchased: 1994
Installed: 1994


Length: 6'
Width: 5'
Height: 11'



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Coffman Park, 5200 Emerald Parkway, Dublin, Ohio, 43017

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Shawn Phillip Morin

Shawn Phillip Morin is a Professor and the Assistant Director of the School of Art at Bowling Green University in Bowling Green, Ohio. He has exhibited in more than 125 competitive regional, national and international exhibitions. With numerous awards to his credit, he won the 2006 Best of Show Award at the Toledo Area Artist Exhibit at the prestigious Toledo Museum of Art. His works are included in more than 50 public and private collections in the United States and Seoul, South Korea. His solo exhibitions include “New Sculpture” in bronze, marble and glass in Versailles, Kentucky; “Reflections/Projections” recent conversations in bronze, iron, steel, stainless steel, marble, glass and wood in Pinehurst, North Carolina; and “Some Things Old/Some Things New” at Union University Arts Gallery in Jackson, Tennessee.
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Dublin Arts Council

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