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East Franklinton Art Walk

The East Franklinton Art Walk will lead you through the public art on the east side of Franklinton, the first settlement in Central Ohio and the future site of Columbus’ Creative Community District. Starting at the Idea Foundry in East Franklinton, download the map to find all the addresses to explore and experience some of the oldest historical sites in Columbus, vivid murals, and new projects around every corner. You’ll find vacant buildings transformed by street art, proof that Lucas Sullivant was there, an energetic community no longer in “the Bottoms,” and much more!



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421 W. State St. , Columbus, OH, 43215

Please note: The Greater Columbus Arts Council (Arts Council) does not own or manage any public art. For the purposes of this database many pieces were entered by the Arts Council while we continue to search for the appropriate owner/manager of the work and other information to complete the entry. The Arts Council has tried to gather all available information about the works in this database, however, we acknowledge there may be missing or inaccurate information. If you can help us correct any inaccuracies, or provide more complete information, we would be grateful. Please use “Something missing? Please send us a note” below.

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Adam Brouillette


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