I am Adam Hernandez.

Painting is my art.



“I like to describe my art as a kind of ghetto hieroglyphics. I imagine that my art would be the product of giving ancient Aztec warriors some spray cans and dropping them off in the hood. I borrow techniques and subject matter from graffiti, ancient mythology, and abstract painting.”

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"I enjoy painting on found objects and abandoned buildings with anything I can get my hands on. I use acrylic and latex paints mostly and am usually cranking some Kendrick Lamar or Tame Impala while I work. I like birds and lots of color. You will probably find both of these things in the majority of my paintings."

"I recharge by stepping away and let whatever I am working on stew for a little. I find that coming back with a fresh set of eyes is very helpful. "

"One way I refine my process is by asking other artists how they do certain things. Whether in regards to technique, tools, or vision, I think it is cool to see how other people approach their work and see if I can apply any of it to my own."

"I love being able to imagine something, put paint to canvas, and see it come to life. I believe that artists are blessed with that ability and I hope I never take it for granted."

"One work of art I’m proud of is a 75-foot-long mural on the side of 934 Gallery. I had never painted something so big. I only had a week to do it and somehow pulled it off with a day to spare."

"The support that people have for each other in Columbus is so inspiring. It helps keep me going. There is also competition, but I believe it is friendly competition and I love it. I think competition forces artists to keep pushing their boundaries and in turn some really rad art gets created."

"I grew up in a religious home and while I do not align myself with all of the beliefs taught to me as a child, my art is definitely influenced by religion and spirituality."

"Question: Where do you come up with all of this stuff? Answer: My imagination is a weird place and I embrace it fully. Let your imagination go wild and just ride along. Follow your dreams!"

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