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I am Amanda Bettin.

Nature is my art.

Horticulture Design

Franklin Park Conservatory

“I get inspiration for garden design from everything around me. From the vibrant colors in a scarf or the geometric forms found on a tile floor. It’s an exciting process that is different each time I go to work on a new garden.”

Where to See Amanda Bettin

Public Art
This artist does not currently have any public art on display.


Amanda on Horticulture Design

"I love the way plants will mix and stretch together in ways I couldn’t have imagined on paper, but significantly improve the compositions and presentation of the space over time. The long-term beauty of a garden installation is a result of many hands. It’s collaboration between the designer, the horticulturists who care for it and even Mother Nature, and it leads to surprising and exciting results I couldn’t have created on my own."

"I’ve learned that I’m a very meticulous person, and I like to do research, stay organized and on budget for all my projects. But it is when I allow myself to forget all of that and focus on creating what in essence is a beautiful room that brings joy to those who visit, I realize how gratifying and fun it is to do what I do."

"In the arts community, I’ve been given the opportunity to collaborate and work alongside world-class artists at the Conservatory as well as business partners around the city, at a relatively early point in my career. I’m not sure I could have had these opportunities in another city."

"The incredible diversity of the art, and the ease of access. There is so much to see and learn from in Columbus, it’s impossible to not find inspiration for the work that I do."

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