I am Amber Knicole.

Performance is my art.

Singer, songwriter, actress, aerialist, dancer

MojoFlo Music Productions

“My art is a total expression of myself. I sing, dance, act, song write, and I am an aerialist.”

Where to See Amber Knicole

"I started singing at the age of 4 in the children's choir at church. Ever since then, I took advantage of every singing opportunity I could from school choirs to musicals to singing with a band. My freshman year of high school I was cast in my first musical, Once on this Island, and never looked back. "

"I've learned that music is a true connector of people and I make music. Through making my art, I have been blessed to connect with people on a visceral level. Whether through storytelling with a cast or expressing a message through song, I have learned that I am my greatest when I am bringing people together."

"I love that my art is a complete expression of my feelings. Through my art, I can express whatever I need or want to—without boundaries. "

"While I was performing with MojoFlo on the festival circuit, I was exposed to cirque arts (although my intro to aerial arts was P!NK) and immediately wanted to incorporate cirque arts into my stage performance."

"The aerial aspect of my art has helped me to trust my strength, take my time, and maintain grace while under pressure."

"The sheer amount of unique and undeniable talent in the Columbus arts community is a constant inspiration. The Columbus arts community is also wildly supportive and encouraging."

"I recharge by unplugging and disconnecting. I will take a day to stay home and not talk. (Which is very hard for me.) In addition to providing me a much-needed rest for my voice, it gives me a chance to sort through my ideas and thoughts in a quiet environment. "

"My artistic process includes running my business, training, rehearsing, songwriting, exercising, reading, researching new music, and taking care of myself. I have incorporated those aspects into my everyday life and that has become my 'process'. Whether I am preparing for a role or a concert, I have to go through similar steps to get performance ready."

"There are days when I am completely consumed by the business side of my career. There are other days when I can't make myself do anything but work on my art. Finding the balance between those extremes is a constant evolution."

"I love that my art has challenged me and forced me to grow in ways I never thought I could. I love that I have ‘grown up’ artistically in a city where the people you look up to and the stages you aspire to perform on are accessible. "

"I live and breathe what I do. I love that my process has helped me incorporate my art into my life...or vice versa."

"The best overall advice I can give is to be confident in your vision. For the ladies, my best piece of advice is to believe in your vision AND to occupy your space! Sometimes, we shrink to accommodate societal expectations. Stay strong in your identity and trust your intuition."

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