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I am Amy Lay.

Acting is my art.


Shadowbox Live

“Visionaries continue to create unique opportunities and products that put this city well ahead of the curve in terms of creativity. This city creates and inspires creation.”

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Amy on Acting

"I attended Ashland University for my musical theater degree, and I had to work side jobs to pay for books and food. So I worked in the administration office where, unbeknownst to me, I crafted my ‘sales’ skills as the head tour guide — not realizing that six years later I would be working as Corporate Sales Director for Shadowbox Live."

"My mother took me to see my first musical, Fiddler on the Roof, when I was six and she couldn’t keep me in my seat because I wanted to get up and ‘play with them.’ Shortly after that, my parents encouraged me to audition for plays and musicals at the Mansfield Playhouse, Renaissance Theater, and OSU Mansfield."

"Dancing was never my strongest skill, but I always wanted to be the classic triple threat. I gained a four-year dance portion of my degree within the musical theater studies; however, it wasn’t until I joined Shadowbox Live that I really came into my own as a dancer."

"I love people watching, so it easily leads into character development. In my active watching, I’m learning how, why, where and what people react to, then I create the ‘story’ of who the person is. I store those bits of info in my sense memory for later character development in performance."

"The most important thing is the openness for learning new things and challenging yourself in that learning. You become so well rehearsed that the audience just sees your joy in the experience; that’s what makes them applaud."

"My father started me at a very young age listening to melodies and, most importantly, harmonies. He and my mother played guitar and sang together."

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