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I am Barbara Fant.

Poetry is my art.



“I am a poet. I write for healing. Poetry is prayer, is life, is a form of communication for me. Sometimes, I have a story I want to tell and I look for a metaphor to help me tell the story. Sometimes, I see images and I use those images as a metaphor and build the story from that place.”

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Barbara on Poetry

"I have been writing and performing poetry for about 10 years now. The most important thing that I've learned about myself is that I am a healer by nature. I was put on this earth to heal with my words. I have also learned that when I write and perform, I am living out my purpose, which is life-giving."

"I love that I can write and perform about what brings me the most joy, but also about what I fear the most. Things that I may not be able to articulate to others, I can put into poetry. Things that I may not be able to say to God, I can put into poetry. What I love most about the process of making poetry is that it gives me the opportunity to process. Poetry is the way that I process, poetry is the way that I pray."

"I have learned not to be afraid of the dark places, but to write about them and to share with the world that you can overcome."

"I have learned to channel negative energy into something that is healing for people and for me. I feel the closest to God when I am on stage. I am the most vulnerable and naked. We heal through the transparency of others and learning how they have survived and are surviving. I learn new things about myself every day."

" To recharge I read and listen to lots of poetry and I watch many performance poets. Going to open mics are always energizing. I also listen to lots of music and go to other live shows. When I really need to be recharged, I read a Yusef Komunyakaa poem or listen to a piece from Sunni Patterson."

"The Columbus arts community is so diverse and always thriving. I am inspired by so many youth who are in this community and who are truly dedicated to their art and always striving to grow and go deeper and soar higher."

"The best advice I've been given is to ‘See as many stages as possible.’ My good friend, mentor, and the godfather of poetry in Columbus, Is Said, told me this years ago. He told me that the only way that I would truly learn and discover my voice was if I was able to see and hear as much poetry as possible."

"Columbus has amazing artists that are top-notch artists and at the top of their game. You can truly see great art any night of the week here in Columbus and they are within your reach."

"Other people may not know that I really love music. I took piano lessons when I was young and I play by ear. My dad is a musician and my grandmother was the pianist at the church where I grew up. I have always loved music, always wanted to sing and Selena is my favorite movie of all time."

"I often get asked, ‘Did you really go through that?’ ‘Can I hug you?’ ‘How did you make it through that?’ ‘How are you still so joyful?’ I answer those questions with, ‘Yes, I really went through that. Yes, you can hug me, I'm a hugger and I really like hugs. The Lord carried me through. Jesus Christ is the only way I survived. The joy of the Lord is my strength.’"

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