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I am Bobby Floyd.

Music is my art.


Columbus Jazz Orchestra

“Jazz has played a major role in bringing people together. It's a language, an expression of ideas, a means of communicating. When jazz speaks, it conveys thoughts. It moves some intellectually and others emotionally. It even inspires spirituality. Yet, unlike other languages, jazz is universal. It transcends dialect, culture and race, allowing it to be understood by all.”

Where to See Bobby Floyd

Public Art
This artist does not currently have any public art on display.

"I'm a jazz, gospel, blues keyboardist. I play piano, organ and keyboards in a variety of settings ranging from solo piano in venues throughout the Columbus community to orchestras, nationally and internationally (including Columbus Jazz Orchestra, Boston Pops, Detroit Symphony, Malaysia Symphony etc.)."

"I love the fact that I get to make a living creating and playing great music. I'm blessed with the opportunity to provide it as a service, uplifting and helping people to forget about their problems and woes."

"Good music can be healing, mentally and even physically. Effective musicians are like preachers, doctors, psychologists. I've played in environments comprised of people who were down and out, prisons, hospitals, churches, senior citizen homes, hospice, etc. I’ve watched people who looked like if they smiled their face might break. I’ve witnessed them go through a transformation and have a completely different attitude by the end of concert."

"I have been performing throughout the country and around the world for many years. When I'm home, I'm always inspired by the great musicians in our community. Columbus has always and continues to produce great musicians comparable to some of the world’s greatest."

"When I hear other great musicians on recordings and in person it creates a thirst for innovation. Hearing competent skillful musicians always motivates me to get better."

"Good, inspired and creative practicing is usually rewarding. I'm always learning new songs and creating new ways and techniques to approach playing. Exercises that improves my sense of rhythm, hearing and dexterity result in better efficiency as a pianist/keyboardist."

"The variety of music settings that I play can be motivating. I might accompany a soloist at a local storefront church or a neighborhood bar on Wednesday night and then play the Hollywood Bowl, Malaysia Symphony or the Sydney Opera House on Saturday or Sunday. My schedule is like this sometimes. But for me variety is truly the spice of enlightenment and inspiration. I'm always presented with something new, different and unexpected."

"I have been playing for 60 years—professionally for about 50. Over the years I have learned the more creative I am, the happier I am. Whether practicing at home or doing a concert on stage, true creativity always inspires. And I love it on stage when that same inspiration conveys to audiences. They feel it, react, and for me that part of it is also rewarding ... it continually reciprocates."

"I have an affinity for Christmas music and the holiday season because of the festive joy it brings. The music is happy and everybody seems to be uplifted. Wish it could be this way year round."

"I grew up playing gospel music and currently play in church on Sundays when I’m not touring."

"I've been blessed to have a beautiful, genuine and caring family all of my childhood through adult life. Everybody from parents, siblings to my wife and daughter have been and continue to be very supportive and loving. Of course, like most families we've had a few down times, but for the most part we have been happy and blessed. And I am proud to say that we were taught to put God in our lives and him first. I truly believe because of that, it consequently helped maintain the love and happiness that so many search for."

"I am currently the feature pianist for multiple Grammy award-winning Legendary Count Basie Orchestra, and I also play in small group/combo settings ranging from my own trio (The Bobby Floyd Trio) to such luminaries as Dr John, Lewis Nash, Byron Stripling and Doc Sevrinson."

"I toured the world accompanying Ray Charles in the ’80s."

"In our community you'll find every form of art from all genres of music, dance, visual arts, spoken word, etc. Careers practiced and performed by all age groups, races, genders and cultures. And for those who observe it, art affects them the same way ... it crosses boundaries and transcends barriers, so that it's shared by all. Once this happens, the door is open to understanding each other better."

"Columbus is a big city but unlike some other major cities the accessibility to outlets for musicians to refine and express their art is more readily available. We have easy access to schools, rehearsal halls, studios, venues, concert halls etc, without having to pay higher cost for rent. We don't have to catch trains, subways, taxis or drive extremely long distances in heavy traffic. And then we're not paying exorbitant prices to park."

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