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I am Brandon Anderson.

Performance is my art.

Sketch Comedy, Singer

Shadowbox Live

“I love the accessibility of my art. The goal is never to make it look hard, but to convince your audience that you are so authentic that you aren't acting at all. ”

Where to See Brandon Anderson

Public Art
This artist does not currently have any public art on display.

"My art is sketch comedy and rock 'n' roll. While they are two different disciplines, I believe that comedy is music. Comedy is less about what you say, but HOW and WHEN you say it. And as a vocalist, I approach a song the way I would a monologue—I have to find a character that tells the story of the music."

"I created a character called Funk Daddy Love for Shadowbox Live’s show ‘Body Heat.’ he's such a well fleshed out character that he pretty much exists as a separate person in my psyche. When I perform him, I AM him."

"I was in my first play when I was 11, and picked it back up as a high school and college student. The most important thing I've learned in that journey is to GO BIG, EVERY TIME! Pick a character, commit to bringing them to life and don't worry about being funny. Just BE."

"Being an artist in Columbus means that you are a part of a community that has the freedom to produce great work in a livable city full of people who are ready for new developments in our world. As an artist here, I feel that I am in demand."

"The best advice I’ve ever been given? Don't be afraid to fail and know that you will. You'll need the lesson of failure to know how to succeed."

"Buy tickets to live entertainment. Recognize the value of witnessing someone putting their whole selves on a stage in front of you and reward that bravery."

"How do I refine my artistic process? I steal! Every good singer and every good comedian I admire describes their style as a complete rip-off of someone great before them. I spend as much time watching other performances as I do rehearsing my own."

"I feel that I can actually support myself as a professional artist in Columbus. I don't think that many others on the coasts can say that."

"Something people don’t usually know about me is that in real life, I am painfully shy."

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