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I am Bryan Moss.

Painting is my art.

Painter and Comic Artist

Aminah Robinson House

“My voice is important as an artist, and I need to trust in my personal experiences, and promote my view and express my experiences to their fullest potentials, regardless of how uncomfortable it makes me feel.”

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Bryan on Painting

"The amount of green space balanced with the city - in larger cities there isn’t much green space. I didn’t realize it until I went to NYC and Madrid, how much I missed green space. I literally need nature in my life for my creative process. At the same time, I love the city. I like hitting campus during the school year, socializing and I enjoy the diversity."

"I work in a very traditional format, penciling the page, then inking and lettering the page by hand. My creative process for making comics is to give a voice to the people who can’t be heard in the community. I think of myself as a conduit for the community, so I like to tell their stories."

"My paintings, I feel, are more of my global voice. Once social networking came into vogue, I realized I could get the feedback I was looking for and directly respond to the world around me."

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