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I am Byron Stripling.

Jazz is my art.

Musician and Conductor

Jazz Arts Group

“Making music at its highest level requires every fiber of my being. To do it well I need to have a time of isolation where I can focus and meditate solely on the creative process.”

Where to See Byron Stripling

Public Art
This artist does not currently have any public art on display.

Byron on Jazz

"I use jazz to uplift and inspire the Columbus community... the spontaneous, creative powers of jazz provide valuable food for the soul."

"Since the time of Johann Sebastian Bach, artists have needed help to sustain their creative lives. So many foundations, corporations, companies and individuals in Columbus understand that ideal and are willing to support it through their investments in the arts community."

"I structure my time to include hours of shaping, molding and sculpting my craft in addition to time to experiencing the inspired artists throughout Columbus."

"There’s no place like home. I spend over 150 days performing all over the world and I can truly say that coming home to Columbus warms my heart and soothes my soul."

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