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I am Celeste Malvar-Stewart.

Fashion is my art.

Fashion & Textile Designer


“Ethical and sustainable fashion and textiles are my art. I create couture and one-off women's clothing, accessories and interior wear using wool and alpaca fibers from local farms. Every piece is handmade, whether it be hand felted, spun, woven or embroidered; and many pieces are naturally dyed, often using dyestuff foraged from around the Columbus area.”

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"I love the idea that my art forces me to not be as controlled in certain areas or techniques. Normally—especially when tailoring—I work to control every aspect of creating that piece, from precise drafting to meticulous constructing. By incorporating hand felting, spinning, weaving and natural dyeing, an organic element is present, and I embrace the little bit of chaos in my work."

"I am constantly experimenting in new techniques, processes and materials to enhance my creativity and scope."

"I recharge by exploring other areas of art, while talking and sometimes collaborating with people in vastly different disciplines to gain a different perspective and insight into areas that can intersect fashion and textiles."

"The collaborative spirit of Columbus is one of the most unique aspects of its culture that I haven't found anywhere else."

"I've been making art since I can remember, and creating textile pieces for over 30 years; and over those years, I've learned that I enjoy collaborating with others whose art form is different from my own. I believe that the future is in collaboration."

"Columbus' proximity to local fiber farms allows me to explore different fibers that I might not otherwise consider."

"I often get asked if the sheep whose wool I use make influence my designs. My answer? Absolutely! Because I know the sheep personally, I'm able to consider their unique personalities as well as the different properties of their wool to influence my designs. Many times the design of a piece reflects the animals' personalities on some level."

"The best advice I can give is don't compare. Don't compare yourself to others, your work to others, your success or failures to others. Rather try to see everything you do as unique to who YOU ARE. This allows you to enjoy your uniqueness without getting caught up in the guidelines of society."

"The inclusive way the arts community in Columbus interacts, shares and supports artists is incredibly inspiring."

"I'm most proud of the pieces I created for my WOMAN Collection. The pieces are my way of honoring women, past and present, who have fought battles. Thus far, it has been my most inspired collection."

"Something about me that people may not know? I love sketching dog portraits as a form of relaxation."

"I would encourage anyone who wants to support/contribute to sustainable design to be mindful when buying things, considering where the product was made, how it was made and by whom, and what materials were used in making it—try to make being a conscientious consumer as part of your lifestyle."

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