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I am Celia C. Peters.

Film is my art.

Filmmaker & Graphic Artist

Artistic Freedom Ltd

“Creating multidimensional characters is one of the things I enjoy most about filmmaking; once I’ve created my main character and discovered what their journey is, I build her or his world and populate it with other people.”

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Celia on filmmaking, screenwriting and inspiration

"I’ve been making film since 2000 and doing visual art seriously since 2008. The most important thing I’ve learned is to let the process (and the outcomes) be what they are."

"The catalyst for my work is usually a character or a situation or maybe an image that inspires me to create a story around it."

"There is a freedom in screenwriting, because things can be whatever you as the writer want them to be. Not only the beginning, middle and end of the story, but also but the world in which the story takes place and the people driving it."

"Characters and stories come through me from something much larger than I am. I’ve always felt that very clearly, but I’ve learned to embrace all of uncertainty that comes along with that."

"I create characters that reflect the many kinds of diversity that make up my reality; that is very empowering to me because as much as I long to see that, I know that others are hungry for it also."

"In terms of production, directors usually take on multiple roles in independent film. That said, I LOVE working with the other creative department heads (production designer, wardrobe, hair and makeup) to create those aspects of the film; that is SO much fun!"

"I really enjoy creating scores and editing audio; music is a huge part of storytelling for me as a filmmaker. Music is a very necessary supporting character; it evokes emotion and creates vibe like nothing else can."

"Film is collaborative and when you assemble a good, strong team of people who love doing what they do as much as you do, it’s best to let them do it. You communicate with them and collaborate, of course, but it defeats the whole purpose of making magic together if the director is breathing down anyone’s neck because I’m so intent on things being exactly what I want them to be."

"My forthcoming short film, Roxë15. It’s a near-future sci-fi short about a virtual reality programmer whose VR software becomes infected with a virus that affects her much more than she expects. I was very intrigued with and excited to ask questions about physical vs. digital reality; especially because we don’t really know those answers yet."

"I am a science/math/theoretical physics fiend and somehow, this translates in my visual art being bold, colorful and very geometric."

"Going to museums, galleries and other visual art exhibits are like a giant dose of creative nutrients. The same goes for music, dance, performance art and theater."

"I’m inspired by the very diverse, very unpredictable ‘Midwestern sensibility’ that lives in the Cbus arts community. Ohio artists are notorious for being insanely innovative - so many truly groundbreaking artists have been from Ohio, and Columbus is home to a bunch of them! Cbus artists just go for it, in every conceivable way."

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