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I am Charlotte Belland.

Illustration is my art.



“Merging the beauty of animals with the permanence of ink, my work captures the immediacy of movement and gesture.”

Where to See Charlotte Belland

Public Art
This artist does not currently have any public art on display.


"Working with ink is foundational to my process because the quick, permanent medium keeps me focused in the present moment. Even though my ink drawings are a single moment in time, the energy of the gesture that leads and follows that moment must resonate in the lines. This energy honors the essence of the animal and encourages viewers to pause and appreciate the beauty of the animal realm."

"Best advice I’ve been given? Abandon the eraser. Commit to the line and move on."

"I love that what I ‘see’ in my head I can now see on my paper. I remember getting frustrated that what was on the paper didn’t really match the vision I had in my head. But the process proves itself: if you treat drawing like physical exercise, you will get better. You will grow."

"Refining my process involves a continuous struggle to stay-in-the-moment. My wife is a practicing Buddhist and her teacher kindly pointed out that meditation can manifest in numerous ways. For me, it is staying in the moment and drawing animals. No judging or second-guessing; just being present and connected. "

"My favorite way to recharge is to observe animals. The best scenario is when I can observe an animal in the wild. If I am able to just observe without disturbing the animal, or if the animal notices me but doesn’t appear to mind my presence, it recharges and inspires me. "

"I can remember always drawing but my current ink animal drawing endeavor started in earnest in 2013. Cat Sheridan introduced me to Instagram and challenged me to make a daily drawing. I had lots of excuses as to why I wasn’t drawing daily so this was a great kick-in-the-pants. And I’ve been posting an animal drawing daily since then. "

"I loved working on my ‘Shenanigans’ collection for S. Dot Gallery. It was the first time I printed virtual 3D models in color and it was a great opportunity to learn this new technology. Plus, it was fun to use a super high-end color printer to make black-and-white sculptures. It was a good way to connect the theme of the collection to the process (as long as we are not doing anything that could potentially hurt someone, it’s best to have fun). "

"Best advice I can give? Make an art-habit every day. Set aside 15-30 minutes every day to do your art aerobics. Pick something you want to improve. Treat it like exercise. Don’t be precious about it. Wash, Rinse, Repeat."

"The Columbus Arts Community is supportive of artists as they grow, develop and hone their voice. People in our community actively engage a wide range of artistic expression and the residents of Columbus welcome the opportunities to connect to those endeavors. "

"Art is becoming more accessible—Columbus recognizes that galleries and theaters are part of a larger ecosystem of art outreach. Finding art incorporated into a public building, running art workshops for youth, and giving platforms to underrepresented voices is part of the supportive Columbus arts community. "

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