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I am David Butler.

Painting is my art.


Pizzuti Collection

“My art is my voice in this world. I can say what I want without anyone’s input. I am in full control over what I create. ”

Where to See David Butler

Public Art
This artist does not currently have any public art on display.


David on Painting

"Seeing myself and other minorities in images was very important to me at an early age, even though I did not have the words for it yet. I realized early on how “Euro” centered the art world was, and this bothered me, which lead to me investigating more culturally diverse ways of building an image."

"I am constantly challenging myself to create something better and different."

"I always loved creating something out of nothing with limited tools."

"Right now there is a serious shift happening in the Columbus creative community. For the first time I see some groups and collectives tearing down the walls of ego and opening themselves up to more collaborative art experiences, especially in areas like the King-Lincoln and Near East Side."

"I have access to an array of perspectives on life and experiences here in Columbus that I did not get when I was on the east coast. Also, life here is affordable. "

"I think Charlie Chaplin’s speech at the end of “The Great Dictator” is one of the best speeches ever written, and I listen to it almost every day."

"I feel my work is meant to be investigated, and at times challenged."

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