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I am David Danzmayr.

Music is my art.


ProMusica Chamber Orchestra

“As a conductor, I am not creating something exactly. But occasionally, there are concerts where I feel that I contributed to a real experience. We are creating experiences.”

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Public Art
This artist does not currently have any public art on display.

"I am an orchestra conductor. My work begins far before anybody sees me on stage. I will sit at home, learning the scores of a piece that will be performed. Sometimes, I would love to have a drink instead, as it can be tedious and frustrating work; however, I need all my concentration, so the occasional coffee is the only drink I allow myself."

"Once I learn the scores of the piece to be performed, I go in front of the orchestra, wave my arms around and hope they understand what I want to tell them. It´s a little bit like trying to signal something to your friend on the other side of the street, without using words. You show them that you need to hurry by pointing at your watch, and they understand that you have a lot of time on your hands and would like to talk."

"When signaling to the orchestra does not produce the result I am looking for, then I need to talk to them. So we stop playing—which is something the musicians don´t particularly like, because actually they do love to play—and I start waffling on the meaning of the notes and what should be better. The other musicians talk amongst themselves or take a nap. When I am finished, they wake up, and we play again. Then: rinse and repeat until we have a finished product. Once we go onstage for the concert, everybody is super excited and we make some great music together. Afterward, we go to a bar."

"I recharge by spending time with my kids. I refine by spending time with my wife."

"My journey originally began in Salzburg, Austria."

"I have learned that I need to dig deep into a piece to discover real meaning, that it is more like digging with your hands in the mud to find a little piece of gold. It takes a lot of time but that’s the only way I am real. Obsessive intellectualism or the pretentious, “look at me, I am so sophisticated” approach never worked for me. I need to keep it simple and real. It’s better to be who you are."

"What I love about my art is concerts—sweating together with a lot of people on stage."

"What inspires me most about Columbus is that the people of Columbus really try, they give a tremendous amount of effort. People in Columbus try to make this city the best it can be. This is a great thing and should not to be taken for granted. I think because of this spirit, there is a real buzz now in Columbus surrounding the arts. How cool is that—that this city really wants to be the best it can be?"

"What’s the best advice I can give? Don’t listen to everyone’s advice. Some of it might be rubbish. On the other hand, don’t reject everyone’s advice either. Some of it might be good. In the end, you have to decide."

"ProMusica, my absolutely beloved group of friends and brilliant musicians, is something that I have in Columbus and cannot find anywhere else."

"How can Columbus and the Columbus arts community help me as an artist? Artists need support. You really cannot say it another way and still be truthful. The more financial and in kind support the arts organizations get, the more art they will be able to produce. Columbus can also offer support to the arts in terms of simply providing structural support: helping provide venues, supporting new projects and embracing the idea that the best art needs a lot of unconditional support. For me unconditional is a very important part of this, as it means trusting the artist and organization that they know exactly how to spend the money, so it has the biggest impact. Audience support is also important. The more people you play for the better and more exciting the performance will be."

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