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I am Devon Palmer.

Woodworking is my art.


Idea Foundry

“I have learned that determination and commitment are the two greatest skills any craftsman or artist can develop.”

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This artist does not currently have any public art on display.

Devon on Woodworking

"Not only does Columbus value/celebrate the arts, its artists have a sense of collaboration and support like none other. The shared sense is a rising tide that raises all ships in the creative community."

"There is an understanding that creativity, design and art create innovation, value and sparks development and growth in both business and community."

"I think about each piece and how it would hopefully be the centerpiece of a table for a family and how it might be used and passed down from one generation to the next as an heirloom."

"Since many of my pieces are either tableware or homegoods, they represent a sense of “family” and connectedness."

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