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I am Dominique Larue.

Music is my art.


Dominique Larue Music (Soundcloud)

“I rap and I think it's imperative to capture any subject, story or sound. There is no rhyme or reason to my creative process, I just put on a beat and go.”

Where to See Dominique Larue


Dominique on Making Music

"I find it necessary to create using different sounds and I draw my inspiration from artists who do just that. I also could be anywhere when a feeling hits me if it hits me. And I say if because a lot of times I begin to create without inspiration and come up with an incredible idea. Either way, it's organic."

"I love that I have become fearless with creating. I'm not afraid to go outside of what I'm known to do. I stopped caring if everyone will like it or not. And why does it matter when it's all a chance anyway?"

"What inspires me about Columbus is that my friends are still here creating and being the best humans they can be. Things have certainly changed and they have adapted but they have not lost themselves in it. That is especially inspiring.”"

"I'm grateful to have been surrounded by respectable people who don't put me in harms way and always have my back if something goes awry."

"I've been making art since I was seven-years old, and I've learned that I am very persistent. I don't ever give up. I feel like the worst thing that could happen is whatever I've created sounds bad. I've also learned that I am in a constant teeter of self-doubt and self-assurance. One day I love what I did, the next day I hate it."

"The creation I’m most proud of is, honestly, the music that I have yet to release. I've been tip-toeing around it with my current releases but the best is definitely yet to come."

"My advice? You're probably going to hate what you've created but f--- it, take a chance anyway."

"Sometimes I may listen to a certain kind of music but then I'll switch it up to keep myself on my toes. I always make it a point to be able to tackle or absorb every sound."

"Things people may not know about me? I love video games and sports. I make up weird songs in any situation or setting that I'm in. I'm also a mom."

"I've had opportunities to either perform or record in most states across America. Although I have yet to travel overseas, I've had opportunities to work with artists all over Europe and in Africa."

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