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I am Donte Woods-Spikes.

Storytelling is my art.


Conversations with Donte

“Storytelling gives me the ability to share my imagination, history and emotions all at the same time. Before I share, I dig inside of myself and become as vulnerable as possible. As soon as I feel something that makes me feel uncomfortable about myself...I share it. ”

Where to See Donte Woods-Spikes

Public Art
This artist does not currently have any public art on display.


"To recharge, I love to create short documentaries about friends and fellow artist that look beyond their talents. After spending time going over editing and hearing their voices and seeing them be vulnerable, it gives me energy to do for myself again. "

"I began sharing my art four years ago, but I've been holding on to my art for at least 20 years. Not because I was scared to share, I just never considered myself an artist. I found out through my art that I have a very powerful voice and the ability to share perspective and understanding."

"My style of storytelling takes a lot of self-reflection and soul searching. It gives me a moment to recall all the good and bad about myself, and brings internalized memories I forgot about back to life. I get to relive those moments when I share them openly. "

"The artistic creation that I am most proud of, which is currently in process, is a series titled A Talk With Our Sons which explores masculinity while catering to the experiences and stories of young men, especially those that have been depicted negatively in the media and have very little outlets to share their authentic stories and truths."

"The Columbus arts community is direct about what they want to see. As an artist you don't have to question where to go to share your artistic abilities. Once you find one person you can relate to or share your art with, you have met a small portion of a big family that is about to embrace you."

"The best advice I’ve been given: Create. All of my friends who Artist always put emphasis on making sure I continue to create and not wait for someone to validate me in the process"

"The best advice I can give: Never feel you are in competition with anyone. We are all unique and have something special to offer and that is what will help you stand out."

"It's very easy to become discouraged and uninspired if you’re not around other artists or see other creative people. Columbus will always have something taking place, which gives artists a chance to admire each other’s work as well inspire one another."

"I used to be very quiet. I didn't think I was allowed to share how I felt until I was an adult. "

"I often get asked if I worry about how people will see me after I speak. I don't worry because people have already come to conclusions and judged me before I spoke, now they have a reason to."

"I don't get nervous about sharing my personal stories because it's too late to go back and I have to get these stories out of me."

"I have been in a position where I felt like I would never have a chance to share my views and feelings, and that was the most difficult time in my life. I share for myself as well as for my friends who have relatable experiences."

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