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I am Edwaard Liang.

Dance is my art.

Ballet Dancer and Choreographer


“I love that, through dance, we are able to touch, move and inspire the people around us.”

Where to See Edwaard Liang


Edwaard on Dance

"During the course of the last decade, my works have been performed by dance companies around the world including Bolshoi Ballet, Houston Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Kirov Ballet, New York City Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, Shanghai Ballet, Singapore Dance Theatre, Washington Ballet and – obviously – BalletMet."

"My decision to settle in Columbus was driven by a desire to be a part of something greater than my independent career. I was attracted to this city by the prospect of its massive movement forward – driven by creativity, collaboration and common goals."

"I’m always wanting to do bigger, better things with my craft as a choreographer. My goal is to constantly improve, learn and grow as an artist. Those are the things that make me proud of what I do."

"My favorite way to work is to start with the music and let it drive the movement I create. For a choreographer, that is the best place to begin creating a ballet."

"Dance is a medium and a language that everyone identifies with, no matter how much experience they have with it."

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