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I am Elaine Richardson aka Dr. E.

Music is my art.


Dr. E Inspirational Soul Queen

“I love to sing, write songs and create experiences through performance. These modes of creativity are healing and liberating. ”

Where to See Elaine Richardson aka Dr. E


"As an artist, I must channel life, sometimes my own, sometimes the lives of others. I am a vessel to express life. As a human being I am art. As an artist, I am creator. This is a form of freedom."

"I am most proud of my book, PHD (Po H# on Dope) to Ph.D.: How Education Saved My Life and the one-woman show that I perform based on that book. That book, the show and songs allowed me to connect with so many people from all walks of life. Additionally, I am also proud of Songs for the Struggle the album/CD of music that complements the book and show. "

"Sometimes songs come to me from meditations on experiences. Sometimes I hear songs when I listen to other artists’ music. Sometimes they come in dreams. "

"I want to see the Columbus community push ourselves and each other to be open to different experiences, people and music. To support venues, artists and events to help us all grow. Treat the arts and entertainment as essential as education and research."

"Performing songs or speech and movement is based on feeling. I love feeling deep and soulful. I love to laugh and feel hopeful. My goal is to move the audience and connect. "

"The best advice that I have received is to take care of myself and stay focused on the light! "

"I recharge and refine through input from people who love me. Another way that I recharge is giving myself space and permission to do absolutely nothing and be with myself and my thoughts."

"Columbus has a THRIVING arts community. There are so many talented creators to draw inspiration from and grow with. I also appreciate the support from arts organizations such as Greater Columbus Arts Council, the Ohio Arts Council and the Wexner Center for the Arts. "

"I like that Columbus is big but it's kinda small and allows artists to connect with resources and people. It is easier to create community here. "

"The best advice I can give is to never give up on yourself. Keep going. Hold fast to dreams."

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