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I am Eric Gnezda.

Music is my art.


Songs at the Center

“I’ve been making art of all sorts my entire life. I began writing songs at 17. One of the most important things I’ve learned along the way is to balance being receptive to criticism with filtering out what is not useful.”

Where to See Eric Gnezda

Public Art
This artist does not currently have any public art on display.

Eric on songwriting

"My experiences as a performer have led me to create a television show, 'Songs at the Center,' which premiered on Columbus PBS affiliate, WOSU, in 2015 and is now broadcast to 150 stations across America. Featuring three to four songwriters in an in-the-round format, 'Songs at the Center' showcases the dynamic energy between performers and audience members. With performers and audience sharing the stage, the set provides the majesty of a performance hall with the intimacy of a club."

"As far as my artistic process, my heart is the engine, my mind the rudder. While my heart drives the passion, the mind engages in the hard work of using its knowledge, technique and tools to steer the project into a direction and form that will connect with audiences."

"As a singer-songwriter and speaker, I merge music with keynote speaking. My songs range from comedic to inspirational. Between songs, I tell stories that underscore the themes of my songs. Often, these stories are testimonies to the courage of others, be it someone famous, or, more likely, someone anonymous who’s performed a heroic act. And, of course, there is also humor, mostly taken from my own life, and sometimes current events."

"Music reaches people on a level that no other form of communication can. My greatest rewards have come from connections with others through music, whether it’s creating with another songwriter, or making a difference to someone in the audience. When a song or story touches someone, they often open up immediately, sharing their life’s journey, which is one of the most enriching connections we make as human beings."

"My journey has taken me coast to coast as a singer-songwriter, keynote speaker, author and television host. From concert and convention halls, to board rooms, to intimate clubs, like The Bluebird Café in Nashville. Beyond the realm of geography, my journey has taken me into the lives of cancer survivors, AIDS patients, veterans, Special Olympics athletes and participants of the World Gathering on Bereavement."

"I am inspired by Columbus’ youth, energy and fearless creativity. I am impressed that so many artists are not influenced by what is happening in other arts scenes. We seem to be pursuing our own respective visions and voices, determined to create and define our own ‘scene.’"

"I am drawn to writing memoir because it allows me to explore in greater depth some of the same topics as my songs—but I have more than 16 lines and three minutes to do it, and nothing has to rhyme! Three days after I was born, my father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, so my perspective on life was shaped very differently, very early. Memoir affords me the opportunity to share important events and insights from that journey."

"I’m proud of much of my work, for various reasons. If I had to pick one song, however, I guess I’d choose ‘Daddy’s Wheels’ because I was able to tell the story of my father’s star-crossed life in less than three minutes."

"I’m also very proud of creating the TV series, 'Songs at the Center,' as it provides opportunities for deserving singer-songwriters to be discovered and enjoyed by a national audience. It’s gratifying to make that connection, for both songwriter and audience. I’ve also discovered the joy that comes with providing opportunities for others. It is also particularly rewarding that 'Songs at the Center' has grown into a national ambassador of the Columbus arts and music scene."

"I recharge by disengaging from the world—immersing myself in nature, getting lost in a book—something that takes me far away from the well-traveled paths of my own thoughts. I treasure each moment with my family, so I find that being with them, focused on them, takes me away from myself too, and renews me."

"Something people may not know about me? I’m a homebody. Given the choice on any given evening, I'll probably choose to stay at home with my family. If I'm out and about, I'm likely working in some capacity."

"Columbus has accessibility, affordability and opportunity. If you need to connect with someone in Columbus, you’ll usually find him or her receptive, willing to give you time. For example, when I came up with a proposal for 'Songs at the Center,' I was able to get into all the doors I needed to because the individuals were accessible and receptive to hearing about a new opportunity. "

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