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I am Hilda Doyle.

Music is my art.


Ladies of Longford

“I can never express the joy it brings me to be performing with my daughters and watching them become such professionals in their craft.”

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This artist does not currently have any public art on display.

Hilda on Music

"It’s always a joy getting in front of a packed house and entertaining them with a rendition of a cover tune and have them compliment you on a new and fresh take to the song, but it’s an even greater joy to do a song you’ve written and have them react with great enthusiasm to something they have never heard before."

"My art is making music and creating songs that touch and entertain people. Much like someone who draws or paints you have the option of rendering something you see and interpreting it in a special way, or creating something entirely new."

"I come from a musical family (as all the members in the band have) and music was a part of my everyday life. I’ve learned that I am not complete without it and it changes and enriches my life every day."

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