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I am Janet Chen.

Music is my art.

Arts Manager/Flutist

ProMusica Chamber Orchestra

“Music is in my blood. My mother is a concert pianist and I think even before the moment I was born, music has been part of my life.”

Where to See Janet Chen

Public Art
This artist does not currently have any public art on display.

Janet Chen on Making Music

"As both an arts manager and as a performer, the creative process for me begins far before anyone sees it or hears it. A specific piece, or an idea can sit with me for hours, days or months before it comes to life. The thought process and personal work is intimate, thoughtful. I ask myself, ‘How do I personally connect to this idea/piece? Do I believe in it? Will others personally connect to it? Will this enrich my life, and the lives of others?"

"In Columbus, I am blessed to have the trust and freedom to explore artistic endeavors with my colleagues, musicians, friends and community of supporters—whether it's a part of a strategic, planned effort or a spontaneous and crazy but amazing artistic risk. This type of synergy is something very special."

"Being an artist is not about delivering a perfect product— it’s about being passionate and taking the power of music and bringing to everyone around you to share, enjoy and experience."

"I refine the artistic process by being open, and open-minded—hearing from both audiences and from musicians. We all interpret artistic experiences differently and part of refinement process to me is to continually learn and understand what moves people."

"At first I thought it was hard to ‘give up’ my professional performing career after many years of practice, sweat, tears and an education based in this area. But I quickly learned to take the music that I was passionate about and translate it differently. There was (and definitely still IS) a learning curve to learn the business side of being an arts manager, but I have learned that at the core of it, it’s still the music that is the driving force."

"Being in a live concert/performance can be an electrifying experience that can only be created at that particular moment—this process gives me inspiration and deeper meaning to do what I do every day."

"I love everything that music can touch. I love how it can be a deeply personal and solitary process but at the same time, how it can be a collective and social process— as a convener and a universal connector to so many people from all walks of life."

"Columbus is an arts COMMUNITY. We are diverse and we are open minded. We allow a creative platform for artists to be inspired and take innovative risks. (For example, not many cities or arts communities would embrace the idea of commissioning new music/works! It is very rare in other orchestras around the country and we are way ahead of the curve in this regard.)"

"The more people we perform for, the better. No artist wants to create music or art without an audience to enjoy or experience it."

"I ‘made’ art onstage for 17 years as a flutist, and for the past 12 years, have been helping ‘make art’ behind the scenes as an arts administrator. Whether it is on or off the stage, I have learned that creating music is not just about me being an ‘artist.’ Rather, it is about what music can do to move people, enrich both individuals’ lives and an entire community (or nation!) as a whole. "

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