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I am Jeff Smith.

Cartooning is my art.

Comic Artist


“My art is words and pictures, which allows me to utilize my favorite aspects of art, literature and film in the unique art form of comics.”

Where to See Jeff Smith

Public Art
This artist does not currently have any public art on display.

Jeff Smith on making comics

"When I write, it is necessary to picture a scene in motion, so it can be broken down into panels and still convey movement and time. I start with a script that looks less like a screenplay and more like a hastily drawn comic book. This is because the words and pictures need to flow simultaneously, and I want to capture the characters’ speech and emotions as they happen. This is often the most difficult stage of the process. Next, using the script as a guide, a grid is finalized on two-ply Bristol board, the lettering of the speech balloons is laid down, and the drawings are finished in blue pencil. The final step is hand inking the art with a number one sable paint brush using india ink."

"Don’t wait for permission. Start making your art now."

"I recharge by dipping into my favorite comics, books and films. Hitchcock, Ford, Chaplin and Kurosawa are favorite directors; cartoonists include Carl Barks, George Herriman, Milton Caniff, Jack Kirby and Walt Kelly. I can reread Melville, and Twain endlessly."

"I enjoy [art making] when it works. There are so many different elements that must come together perfectly in order for the thing to come alive. It’s a real battle sometimes. When it does, however, it’s magic."

"On the one hand, I’m proud of all of [my artistic creations]. On the other, I’m always sure my latest project is the worst thing I’ve ever attempted."

"Art is alive in this town. And in the past decade we’ve seen important art institutions like the Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus College of Art & Design, The OSU Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, not to mention the Columbus Museum of Art, the James Thurber House and The Columbus Metropolitan Library, as well as the media, all host major exhibitions of some of the most important cartoonists and comics creators in the world."

"People may be surprised to learn that there is no BONE art in our house. We keep comics at the studio. We are rich with friends; almost none of them involved with the cartooning profession. Vijaya and I love going out, enjoying food, wine and spirits at our favorite restaurants. We especially love Alana’s and G. Michael’s Bistro here in German Village. Also, I’m partial to Maker’s Mark."

"The way Columbus responded and supported the idea of a literary cartoon & comics festival was fantastic. Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC) had its first edition in 2015 and all the art community seemed to help. The media was enthusiastic, and the public came out for every event—can’t ask for more than that."

"When asked where I get my ideas: Elbow grease and Maker’s Mark."

"Bob Burden, the creator of the cult underground comic the Flaming Carrot once said to me during an after-hours mixer at the San Diego Comic-Con International, ‘Son, don’t ever let your fans see you dance.'"

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