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I am John Pellegrino.

Music is my art.


ProMusica & Columbus Symphony

“I have been a professional bass player for most of my life. Having lived on stage for the past 30 years, I've learned that my passion for performing at the highest level can inspire others around me — from my musician colleagues to the listeners in the audience. ”

Where to See John Pellegrino

Public Art
This artist does not currently have any public art on display.

"In an ensemble I’m the—or part of the—foundation. Whether it’s chamber orchestra, chamber music or full orchestra, all music is built from the bottom up. It’s incredibly satisfying to form a firm foundation for those above me. The melody relies on the bass—and remember, it’s all about the bass."

"People may not know that I started playing trumpet as my first instrument."

"The fact that there is so much untapped potential in Columbus inspires me often—reaching and moving our audiences with the master composers' intentions is almost magical."

"The best advice I can give? When you really are passionate about ‘it’ put your whole self into ‘it.’"

"Columbus makes possible the chance to have an unlimited amount of live, performance art. The best thing the city can do to help me as an artist is to support live performance art."

"Practice makes permanent, so there is a lot attention to detail both in the practice room and on stage."

"I love helping and influencing others around me on stage in order that they bring their best to the performance and our audience."

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