I am Karl Pedersen.

Viola is my art.

Principal Violist

Columbus Symphony

“I find it transcendent the way 80 people, 100 people or even 160 including a chorus can all with a singular goal, create something so rich, powerful and pure.”

Where to See Karl Pedersen

Karl on Music

"My creative process is often inspired by all that is around me. I find my inspiration in many of the local restaurants around town, talking with friends or having casual conversation with strangers. Columbus is actually filled with many different catalysts to the creative process, be it at the North Market, 400 West Rich Street or embedded in any of the unique neighborhoods found throughout the city."

"There is so much new leadership in the Columbus arts community right now. The Columbus Symphony Orchestra’s new music director is absolutely amazing... he’s taking us to a higher musical level. BalletMet and Opera Columbus also just made new Director hires... I feel very lucky to have been placed in the community of Columbus."

"As soon as the sound or note I’m playing dies, so does my art form. This has taught me many things, including how important relationships are with those around us. The relationships I’ve forged and the places my art has taken me to both physically and mentally has been incredible."

"As I approach my own art form, the process can be much more pedantic. As I begin to practice, I always enjoy slow, drawn out scales with a drone pitch going of the key I’m playing. That is my form of meditation."

"I began playing the violin in first grade. I saw it on Sesame Street. Some kids were playing with Itzhak Perlman, and while watching, I decided on the spot that was something I wanted to do."

"I love talking to a person after their first Columbus Symphony concert. Reaching new people and hearing them talk about something that I can share with them is amazing."

"I was very lucky that the grade school I attended offered after-school lessons. This has given me a deep desire to share education with my community."

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