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I am KaTanya Ingram.

Music is my art.


Nominated by Cardinal Health

“When you sing from your heart you touch the lives of others in intimate ways that you may never know about unless someone takes the time to share that secret place with you. I’ve seen how my passion for singing has ignited passion in others.”

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KaTanya on singing

"I started performing at the Gallery Hop in the summer of 2009 and immediately fell in love with the concept of street performing."

"Because I have extreme stage fright I avoid auditioning for contests and refrain from band stage performances. I embrace the aspect of street performing because I am able to perform without anxiety as people pass by and rarely stop and stare. Gallery Hop has given me a safe and comfortable place to share my talent with Short North visitors from all walks of life."

"Music really does bring people together. It's very personal to me, and I’m passionate about it. I want people to walk by and feel it and have it resonates with them too. I love to see them react to it. I love that it makes them smile, weep, stop or stare off thinking of a memory that a particular selection brought back to them."

"I have spent my life listening to the vocal stylings of performers that have mesmerized me for decades. I get lost in their lyrics, vocal acrobatics and in the passion they deliver during a performance. From those displays I have emulated their styles and made it my own. When I perform I want to make sure that I demonstrate that music is what feelings sound like and it binds us all together."

"I choose songs that are personal to me. I sing about love, the loss of love, happiness, forgiveness and so much more. "

"I am not originally from Columbus, Ohio. I come from a military family and have traveled the world from Italy to the United States, Germany and back again."

"I am inspired by the vast opportunities to enjoy many types of artistic expression in Columbus and its surrounding areas. There is a strong network of artists and they build one another up with support. We ask each other to attend events and we show up. We follow each other on social networks, we support through partnerships, financial contributions and through word-of-mouth support."

"I am most proud of being asked to sing twice at the Ohio governor's mansion for former Governor Ted Strickland and his guests, to sing The National Anthem during the State of the City Address for former Mayor Michael Coleman, and finally for a four-year-old boy whose mother was dying at the Wexner Medical Center. He wanted me to sing to him ‘their song.’"

"In the future, I would like to share how music has transitioned from the shores of Africa to the genres you see today."

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