I am Katherine Matthews.

Writing is my art.

Writer and Teacher

Thurber House

“In Columbus, there is a deeply American sense of possibility and exploration. We aren’t bound by long-standing traditions or hierarchies, and we have tremendous resources and talent here.”

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"Over my years of writing and teaching writing, I’ve learned that I need two things to produce good work. I need time to be solitary, to be able to follow my thoughts in an uninterrupted way. And I also need my community of writers. Working with other writers is an invaluable experience. We critique each other’s work, and offer sympathy and inspiration and friendship. In Columbus, I have been very fortunate to find writers who are both amazing friends and deeply talented colleagues."

"I love the act of imaginative construction - creating a richly textured world out of, literally, nothing. The raw materials of a writer are brain synapses. I have also come to recognize that the act of reading is intensely intimate; through reading we gain access to the imagination and most personal thoughts of another human being. The connection between reader and writer is direct and amazing. "

"I wrote my first story in second grade, an adventure tale featuring two very good friends - a rat and a coconut - who faced off against an invisible monster. The thrill of that creative experience hooked me, and I knew that I wanted to be a writer."

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