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I am Maya Mougey.

Music is my art.


Columbus Songwriters Association

“I love to express myself through writing and see the reaction of people hearing my creations live. I’m proud of my lyrics in one of my recent songs, Start, about not being afraid to be different.”

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This artist does not currently have any public art on display.

Maya on Music

"I enjoy writing songs I would describe as being alternative pop. I get my song ideas by my life experiences and exploring new places. I’ve been writing music since I was nine years old. I’ve learned more about myself and to be confident along the way."

"I’m currently a sixth grader at Sells Middle School; I’m a member of the Columbus Song Writers Association and perform with them regularly."

"I get inspired by the Columbus arts community and all the different types of artists and different techniques people use to write their lyrics and melody. Columbus has so many trustworthy people that will support you and provide you with so many great opportunities."

"I really enjoy running and have finished in the top three in two recent 5Ks against women of all ages. I want to do track and cross country in middle school, too!"

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