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I am Andrew Levitt.

Nina West is my art.

Performance Artist


“I have been acting since the age of 15 and then really used those skills to cultivate the character of Nina West. She has been a character that I have worked on for the last 15 years now.”

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Andrew Levitt on performing and Nina West

"I love that I can have such a positive impact on the lives of people who come to the show. I love that I can create any character and express myself in any way and share the art of drag."

"My process is really organic. When it comes to creating a big drag show, I begin listening to music and all the while I try to stay very in tune with pop culture. I write every idea down and go from there."

"I am really proud of my work in the creation of Nina. She is so far-reaching and able to really make an impact in the Columbus community."

"To recharge I sometimes have to pull back and really expose myself to different mediums and artists. I love collaboration and conversation. That really does refocus me."

"Best advice I’ve ever been given? TRUST YOUR VOICE. Listen to yourself."

"I am often asked Where do you put “it?” and Will you ever leave Columbus? I usually don’t answer the first—and Columbus is my home. I don’t think I could ever leave."

"Columbus fosters growth—it encourages the art and celebrates all art—regardless of medium."

"Something people don’t know about me? I am actually a homebody."

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