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I am RJD2.

Music is my art.


RJ's Electrical Connections

“I make recordings, run a record label, manage a catalog of albums, perform solo and with a band, and build and restore vintage synthesizers.”

Where to See RJD2


"I have been playing music since I was around 10-years old, professionally since 2001. The most important thing I think I've learned about myself is that the more you know, the more you know what you DON'T know. This is an inspiring thing for me; it means that the world of knowledge is an infinite space in which to explore."

"Right now what I love most about making music is sharing it with my son, and exposing new things to him."

"What inspires me about Columbus is that there's always something happening beyond the threshold of your own understanding. There's always someone doing something that you don't know about."

"In terms of my work I can't say one was more important than any other. The things in the past all were a specific experience. They all provide a context. The most significant piece for me is always the next thing to be released, as it signifies the continuation of the process. "

"The best advice I can offer? Maximize your enjoyment, minimize your fears."

"I recharge by hanging with my family, building things, restoring cars, reading books, remodeling here and there, general fix-it type stuff."

"Columbus' location is a great middle ground between the east and west coasts. It's got just the right split between ‘low key’ and ‘city amenities’ — great food, great people and an entrepreneurial spirit that is inspiring to see in action."

"Something people may not know about me? Hmmmm ... well, I have come fairly close to losing a finger several times using power tools or semi-heavy machinery."

"If I have one wish, it's that I am lucky enough for someone to listen to something I've recorded with their full attention; beyond that, it's really all inconsequential."

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