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I am Rossen Milanov.

Music is my art.


Columbus Symphony

“I am an interpreter, the advocate for the great composers that left in our hands their amazing creations.”

Where to See Rossen Milanov

Public Art
This artist does not currently have any public art on display.


Rossen on Music

"I love the openness of the people I meet here in Columbus. The city is young and you can feel it on the streets and in the vibrant social and cultural spaces we share. There is a fantastic energy everywhere! I find a vast space for making an artistic and social impact here. There is a bubbling energy about this city, visionary business and philanthropic scene as well as genuine interest in investing in culture."

"Columbus’ arts scene is quite cosmopolitan. I love the fact that here one can find the complete spectrum of artistic experiences, from fringe to classical and from pop to high art. There is an encouraging sense of working together towards a common goal among the arts organizations and that makes the Columbus arts community unique."

"I recharge and refine my process by collaborating with different artists, looking for inspiration in other art forms."

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