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I am Sara Abou Rashed.

Poetry is my art.



“My art and the love of my heart is poetry. My creative process is not at all as structured as it is spontaneous and in the spur of the moment.”

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"I'm often asked how was it possible that I learned English and wrote effective poems in it so quickly. The truth is that I've always been a poet. I wrote my first poem at age eight in Arabic. I believe that having this poetic soul within is what helped me learn English so quickly, because poetry is intuition. I felt the rhythm and meaning of the words before I learned their English translation, before I knew correct grammar, but once I filled the gaps and could use them in sentences, I did so very naturally. "

"I've learned that poetry is essential to my existence and that no one will ever understand me exactly like a notebook would. "

"Like every other artist, I fall in love with immediately with whatever it is I just wrote, or created. I learned to resolve that by stepping away from the piece for a few days, then coming back with a critical eye to revise. Even then, I edit as little as possible to keep the initial creation authentic and at its original form. "

"My English teachers would be disappointed to know I don't edit nearly half as much as they recommend. In fact, in one of my best poems, I was told I should change the ending, but I didn't. Now, it's the most memorable line of anything I've written: ‘I drop poems, not bombs.’"

"When my inspiration takes a while to spark, I work with prompts or read the works of other poets to see what resonates with me."

"It's been a very long time for me since I started writing, but I love how each time it feels like the very first and how I can track my thoughts on paper, even things I never knew I had in mind. "

"I am proud of my poem ‘I Am America,’ which has become almost my signature poem, because people namely request that I recite it time and time again. This poem holds special significance to me, because while we navigate this politically challenging time as a nation, many angry forms of expression have been created yet I found myself wanting to embrace this time period and seek connections with others, not conflicts."

"I believe speaking different languages creates different personalities, and so I am funnier in Arabic than in English."

"I am truly inspired by the growing initiatives in Columbus to celebrate the arts. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing the same supportive faces show up at many different events. "

"I want to say to my fellow and emergent artists, don’t worry too much about being liked. Artists are controversial, and our job is to get our audiences to think and pose questions, not necessarily to fall in love with us simply because we share the same views as them. "

"Columbus and its art community help me when they keep seeking events, artists and gatherings they wouldn't normally meet or attend. I want people to maintain their curiosity about others in the art community, because while I share many similarities with certain audiences, I, too, can be a complete stranger at times. "

"A fun fact about me is that I believe tea tastes like iron (as if I know what iron tastes like), but drink it nonetheless."

"Columbus has offered me a variety of experiences that are unique to this city. I’ve met wonderful artists and audiences that fall anywhere from the most impoverished communities to the most prosperous – the special thing has been witnessing them both coming together often and uplifting Columbus."

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