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I am T.Wong.

Music is my art.



“How does it feel to write and hear your music become reality — how does it feel to perform? It’s like understanding why you need oxygen to breathe or why there’s a sun for the day or a moon for the night. It’s the feeling of purpose. The feeling of taking your rightful place in the universe to aid in its inevitable progression.”

Where to See T.Wong

Public Art
This artist does not currently have any public art on display.

T.Wong on Music

"My sound has been coined as ‘urban rustic.’ That’s the culmination of sound from soul, rock, R&B and other influences. Vocally, I believe listeners can hear raw gospel, classical, soul and rock influences. My sound and lyricism create a capsule for listeners to climb into and venture to whatever place and time they want or need to travel in that moment."

"As a writer, I don’t feel obligated to the first lyric or first set of lyrics I write. Be comfortable in scratching, changing, trashing or evolving lyrics from their original state."

"My songwriting process is more organic. My songs can stem from personal experiences, third-party observations or pure imagination. Sometimes I start with only a melody I hear in my head or a sentiment that I want to depict."

"There are days when I can write multiple songs in one sitting. Then, there are days where it takes days, even weeks, to finish a single song. Sometimes I write with my guitar, another song, or nothing at all. It’s all about being open to the process and realizing I am a tool and a canvas for the art."

"Sometimes listening to nothing really allows me to hear what’s within. On the other hand, sometimes listening to everything allows me to hear new levels and new risks that are being made that I may not have thought about. I’m constantly looking for ways to better my craft; I don’t think I am ever completely refined in my art."

"I love that I have yet to experience anyone quite like myself. And, I think that’s who great artists are... themselves."

"Columbus makes it possible for me to explore my processes. No one is pressuring me to create a particular way, especially at the outset. Columbus allows me to grow into my creative."

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