Why Columbus Makes Art?

The Art Makes Columbus / Columbus Makes Art campaign is a progressive, influential, and collaborative community effort. Our promotion and marketing efforts strive to showcase these qualities boldly, expressing the diverse perspectives, depth of talent, and untold potential that make up the Columbus arts community.

This Campaign is Designed to:

Dramatically increase awareness of the robust arts and cultural offerings in Columbus

Increase ticket sales and sell more art

Increase patron involvement in Columbus arts events

Improve user experience with interactive tools for various levels of engagement

Stimulate curiosity for people to explore

Break through the traditional types of outreach with bold, risk-taking ideas

This toolkit is designed provide the resources to help you share the Art Makes Columbus/Columbus Makes Art story and lift up the story of your organization as well.

Media Contacts

Jami Goldstein
VP of Marketing, Communications & Events

Lacey Luce
Marketing, Communications & Events Strategist

For questions:
Nick Dekker

Background & Tips

The personality of the Art Makes Columbus sets the tone for how we communicate. We seek to make this big idea approachable and identifiable, yet fluid and flexible enough to speak to many kinds of audiences. By keeping our taglines and calls to action consistent and staying true to voice and tone we build recognition, awareness and engagement.

Art Makes Columbus/Columbus Makes Art is:

Bold Forward-thinking, progressive, and willing to take risks

Innovative Purposeful and driven to create change

Independent Individualistic,free spirited, and novel

Curious Inquisitive and driven to question the status quo

Open Collaborative and accepting of diverse points of view

Inspirational Optimistic and visionary.

Campaign Assets

The assets below are intended to help you in promoting the campaign. By using consistent campaign logos, messaging, social media and image guidelines, we can all help lift the effort across the community.


Please include the Art Makes Columbus/Columbus Makes Art logo wherever you can on promotional materials (including postcards, programs, brochures and ads where possible.) There are seven logos in the downloadable zip file—color, grayscale and transparent. If you are a Arts Council grantee we hope you can use this in addition to your required Greater Columbus Arts Council credit logo.

Transparent Logo
ColumbusMakesArt Logo


Raleway is the only typeface for the Art Makes Columbus campaign. It is an elegant and modern sans serif typeface. Raleway has a full family of weights that offer flexibility and variety, while retaining a clean, approachable, and recognizable feel.

Usage: Raleway is free for commercial use, both on the web and in print. It is used for campaign-specific materials, however it is not intended to interfere with existing brands of organizations and artists.

Social Media Tips

In crafting your personalized campaign messages follow these tips:

Be active The campaign carries an inspiring and purposeful tone of voice

Be brief We only have our readers' attention for a brief moment. Make it count by explaining what's in it for them right up front

Be conversational Eliminate jargon from writing. When we sound personable our audiences will want to interact with us more

Be inspirational The campaig stems from the idea that Art Makes Columbus. Verbs like “discover,” “create,” and “invent” align with that idea, and set the tone for communications that will inspire action, involvement, and donations from our audiences

Photo Guidelines

The attached document is meant to guide you in selecting photos to post on behalf of the campaign, upload to for your events and for providing photos for artists you have nominated to be featured in profiles.

Download Photography Guidelines   

Video Embeds

Our Stories Behind the Art videos are available for download or direct embedding via the Columbus Makes Art YouTube channel. We encourage you to use these video assets on your organization's website, kiosks and any other opportunities you have to showcase these amazing stories. Links to each video and its respective embed code snippet is available below.

Talking Points & Curtain Speeches


The people who create art in our city have amazing stories. We believe knowing their stories will make you want to experience even more art all over our city. Check them out at


The people who create art in our city have amazing stories. Each of their stories is as different as the art they produce. But together, these artists all agree there’s no other place that has the opportunity, the community, and the support that Columbus provides. Art Makes Columbus and Columbus Makes Art. Check out these stories


The people who create art in our city have amazing stories. They are stories full of inspiration, challenges, passion, and incredible successes. There’s no other place these artists would rather make their art. That’s because there's no other place that has the opportunities, the community, and the support that Columbus provides. Thank you for helping to make Columbus a place where art thrives. Art Makes Columbus and Columbus Makes Art. Check out these amazing stories at

Audience Research

Columbus Millennials and the Arts Research

Learn what we've discovered about the Arts and Cultural offerings in Columbus through the eyes of millennials.

Download: Columbus Millennials and the Arts research presentation

Our Partners

American Electric Power Dispatch Media Group ABC 6 / Fox 28 CD 102.5
The Columbus Foundation

The Sol Morton and Dorothy Isaac, Rebecca J. Wickersham and Lewis K. Osborne funds.

PNC Bank
Greater Columbus Arts Council

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