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Let's Be Tourists!

The pandemic shuttered venues and brought so many aspects of our daily lives to a grinding halt. Now, as we step back out we find ourselves wanting to explore our city anew. So, we created the Columbus Makes Art Passport program.

What: the Columbus Makes Art Passport is a free booklet full of wonderful things to do in our fair city during the months of September and October

How: It’s so easy! Simply pick up your free passport at one of several of locations (find pick up spots on the participants page). Start visiting the 66 passport stops in September and get stamped—OK, actually you’ll get stickered, but “stamped” sounds more passport-y.

Fun Fact!

The stickers are designed by Columbus-based artists and there are 31 unique designs to collect.

When: You have two months, September & October, to get your passport stamped/collect your stickers. Some stampable stops will only be available one night, while others will give you the full two months and multiple sticker-worthy events to plan your visit.

Important Dates

  • Sept. 1, program begins--Go get that first sticker, prizes start to be listed on the passport webpage.
  • Sept. 28 “tourists” can start redeeming their passports online for prizes (opens at 10 a.m.).
  • Oct. 31 passport program ends.
  • Dec. 1 last day for people to redeem their passports for prizes,


  1. It’s fun! You remember fun don’t you?
  2. Artist-designed stickers! Who doesn’t love stickers?
  3. Prizes! You can turn in proof of your passport stops online for prizes. Prize list and redemption level will be online by Sept. 1. Prizes can range from signed artist prints to tickets to future events and more — basically the more stickers the better the prize.

The Fine Print

When planning your visit please check the organization’s website to confirm hours, accessibility and any COVID protocols that they may have in place. Some stops will require a ticket purchase or have an admission, however, many of these have provided special offers or have days when admission is free. Many stops in the passport require no purchase to get stamped, so no purchase is required to be eligible for prizes.

Prizes listed are not guaranteed. We will do our best to keep the site up to date if and when we run out of specific items, and, if and when, we add new items. Prizes will be given on a first come, first served basis. If a prize you request when you submit your stickered passport online is no longer available, a member of our team will reach out to you for your second choice.

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Columbus Makes Art Passport FAQ

Questions? Email submit@gcac.org


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