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River Wolfe


I began beading over 20 years ago when I was in recovery from a serious hiking accident. During that time, I honed my skills by making gifts for friends and family. I fell in love with the craft and wanted to do more, so I took a class and learned how to make polymer clay beads. I realized that I could customize my jewelry and make it unique with my own handmade beads. 

 Several years ago, when I was trying to decide on a singular focus for my jewelry line it was nearly impossible, so I decided why not honor my desire for variety… shouldn’t I follow my creative spark and do what makes me happy? I thought so!

Here’s a little bit about me and my work:

I have a quirky, fun, and nerdy side that likes to make monsters, monkeys, birdies, rockets, robots and cute little flowers. I love it that this stuff appeals to grown-ups as much it does to young children. After all, “If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.” ~Tom Stoppard

You'll find bracelets with peace signs, pendants with meaningful quotes, and other jewelry that carries a message of love and equality. 

My art jewelry is born from my desire to explore the medium of polymer clay, wire, beads, etching, silkscreen and other mediums. I love trying new things and re-inventing old things, as you can see in my Inro necklaces and pendants with fossilized leaf imprints. My primary source of inspiration is the earth around me. When looking at my work, it's not hard to see the natural world as I envision it.

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River Wolfe

I allow businesses to purchase or display my work.

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River Wolfe: Bracelet 1
River Wolfe: Pendant
River Wolfe: pendant 2
River Wolfe: earrings 2
River Wolfe: Mudcloth Necklace
River Wolfe: Mudcloth bracelet

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