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Susanna Harris

Changing Tides

1137 N. High St.

Harris Susanna Portrait cropped

Artist Statement

As I consider my personal, and collective experiences with loss, disease, and grief I create installations with print media to explore the interconnectedness of ecological destruction, human fragility, and resilience. Changing Tides is a visual interpretation of the haunting phenomenon of coral bleaching and expresses how the climate crisis is changing the world around us—and humans are to blame. I am interested in nature’s reclamation and the contextual parallels that has with rebirth after hardship. This work finds parallels between the damage humans do to the environment and the negative impact we experience. It also is a soft whisper of our own fragility and the unfortunate realization that as individuals we can do all we can to promote and live change, but something more has to be done.

Artist Bio

Susanna Harris, based in Columbus, Ohio, is an interdisciplinary artist working in print media, installation, and photography. Her work considers resilience through environmental destruction, and the human condition. She received her BA from Otterbein University, Westerville, Ohio, and her MFA from Kent State University, Kent, Ohio. She has received numerous awards, and funding for her work including the MAPC 2022 Research Travel and Beyond Emerging Artist Award, The Greater Columbus Arts Council Artists: Individuals Fellowship, 2021 and Artists in the Community Professional Development grant, 2019 as well as an International Travel Award, 2019 and a Research Award, 2020 from Kent State University’s Graduate Student Senate. She has been an artist in residence for The Otterbein University Post-Baccalaureate A.I.R, Westerville, Ohio, 2018; The Lancaster Festival A.I.R, Lancaster, Ohio, 2019; Zygote Press, Cleveland, Ohio, 2022; and Zea Mays Printmaking Residency, Florence, Massachusetts, 2020.

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