Weekend Warriors


Weekend Warriors

Surviving social distancing

By Nick Dekker & Lacey Luce

Normally Weekend Warriors would be sharing our picks for weekend arts & culture events. Normally has left the building, gone home and is washing her hands.

Today Nick and Lacey will each offer five tips for not just surviving but finding joy in these uncertain times. These won’t all be arts and culture related tips, but if you want to find regular updates to arts and culture resources, we have a page for that (because we really are WORKING from home.)

Nick: Five Tips if You’re Staying Home with Kiddos

Like many parents, we’re scrambling to adapt to having the kids home full-time, while still keeping them entertained, educated and active.

  • Set a schedule! Even though there’s no school and parents may be working from home, we’re trying to set a schedule for the family, so we’re not all laying around playing Minecraft all the time. Agree on it together, and include time for work, relaxation, creativity and exercise
  • Look for fun online instruction! We’ve seen artists, musicians, yoga instructors and many others start offering online classes. For instance, author and illustrator Mo Willems started a YouTube series through the Kennedy Center called Lunch Doodles. Every day at 1 p.m. he offers instruction on drawing and illustration.
  • Take a hike in a metropark! We love our metroparks. They’re still open, and are a perfect opportunity to take a break from screens and get some fresh air while still practicing responsible social distancing. Try a park that you haven’t visited before; see www.metroparks.net for the full list. (Alternatively, if you’d rather not get in the car or want to stay distanced, take a walk around your neighborhood. And if you have a pooch, bring him/her with you.)
  • Order carryout or delivery from a local restaurant! I suggest doing some fun home cooking, like learning a new recipe together, but you can support local restaurants who are especially hard hit, by ordering a dinner as a family. While some restaurants have closed up, most have switched to carryout, curbside pickup or delivery. Look for restaurants in your neighborhood, especially those smaller family-run eateries.
  • Dust off the board games! It’s tempting to just turn to movies and video games for entertainment, but we’re trying (trying) to build family time around board games. Nothing beats the fun of Stratego or Exploding Kittens or Battleship.

Lacey: an introvert’s guide to finding the fun in isolation

As an introvert, this might be a little easier for me than others. I am happy to read and watch TV and movies while knitting. (hello Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon!) I don’t mind being alone. But none of that alleviates anxiety, being forced to be alone is less fun then choosing it when you need it, and my cats won’t play board games with me.

  • Number one in my bag of survival tricks is music. Music sooths the savage beast, keeps me focused and gets me up for a little dance party in my dinning room. Streaming services have incredible libraries. My Lucely Now spotify list includes Lizzo, Mojoflo, Two Feet, Seratones, Hayley Willams, Bear Hands and King Princess—among others. It’s a long playlist. AND thanks to the ColumbusMakesArt virtual resource page, I know that CD102.5 has big room recordings available on YouTube. BONUS!
  • MOVE. Get up and go for a walk (you are allowed outside). Go take a selfie with a piece of public art. Have a dance party, do some yoga, stretch. To quote Cbus-based poet Maggie Smith KEEP MOVING.
  • Tap into the Columbus Metropolitan Library’s digital resources. Pro tip: Randomly pick a book from their recommendations, just for fun.
  • Keep an eye out for virtual events. Today (Wednesday, March 18) at noon, Scott Woods is being given access to the Columbus Museum of Art and live streaming a tour on Facebook. If you know Scott you know this is going to be fun, if you don’t know Scott, you’re just going to have to trust me.
  • Be social—virtually. Social media can be a stressor, but it can also be a point of safe contact. Share funny things, start a watch and read recommendation thread, check in with your peeps and be a source of comfort. Maybe create a private group just for your core friends for more personal conversations.

These are our tips, what are yours? Share in the comments of the Art Makes Columbus Facebook page.

Lacey Luce is a digital marketing strategist for the Greater Columbus Arts Council who wishes her cat Xander would stop laying across her keyboard.

Nick Dekker is marketing, communications & events administrator for the Arts Council. He also blogs about food/travel at breakfastwithnick.com. He and his boys have started an air hockey tournament.