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Artists of Columbus

Chris Austin, actor

"I was a really shy kid and found it difficult to express myself without feeling incredibly self-conscious. Theater became a sanctuary that gave me the tools to grow in confidence, expression and ultimately inspired that shy kid I once was Read More
Artists of Columbus

Keya Crenshaw, actor/director

“If you asked me at eight years old what I wanted to be when I grew up, actor/stage manager/writer/director certainly would not have been the answer. I was probably going for something like a mermaid (I lived for The Little Mermaid), or an Read More
Weekend Warriors

Start July with the Arts

Welcome to July, folks. I know there’s so much going on, but I encourage you to incorporate the arts into your routines. There are plenty of opportunities for socially distanced and virtual arts, and they provide a way to entertain, Read More
Artists of Columbus

Caleb Jingo, actor

“I am an actor and musical theater student at Ohio Northern University, born and raised just north of Columbus. I did a lot of theater through classes and community shows ever since I was about five-years old, but high school was when I Read More
Artists of Columbus

Patrick Clark, actor

“Having moved 36 times in my life, I am uniquely wired to adapt to new surroundings, new circumstances. Between that phenomenon and my love of theatrical improv, I maybe had a smoother transition into the chaotic world offered up in 2020 Read More

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