Shakespeare in the Park, Poet/Composer Collabs and… a GoT Rave?

As I’m glancing through the calendars on, I’m amazed at the diversity of arts events happening this weekend, whether it’s new musical works created with local poets, to outdoor theater and music performances, to an...
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Seven events to warm your heart

It’s cold. Two things I focus on instead of whining about the cold: mask wearing keeps my face warm and virtual events have the added benefit of full control over temperature settings and require no scraping of car windows. Searching...
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Eight virtual arts events to enjoy while that vaccine kicks in

The news has been full of mask-less spring breakers rampaging in the warmer states. As I cross my fingers that these people won’t come to Ohio with a brand new COVID variant as well as a tan, I will stay masked and enjoy the many virtual...
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Nine arts events offer a spark of joy

New year. Same “ish”. But, the arts do persevere and bring some needed joy. Below is a list of arts events planned for this weekend. If you want to check out any of these events, please check in with the organizers prior to going to ensure...
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More May Arts Events

There’s another busy weekend coming up for the Columbus arts! Already halfway through the week and here’s what I’m looking forward to: This week Adam Hernandez opened a new exhibition at the Ohio State Faculty Club called Paintings from a...
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In Love with the Arts

I know that love is in the air this week. It can mean many different things to different people, so how about I show some ways to be in love with the arts this weekend? Looking through the calendars on, I can see it’s...
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