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Friends of Schiller Park


Friends of Schiller Park was created in 1981 to address the gap between available funding from the city of Columbus and the neighborhood’s aspirations for Schiller Park. With a mission to “provide resources and volunteers for the care of Schiller Park, and to foster an appreciation of the historic significance of the property,” Friends of Schiller Park works in a public-private partnership with Columbus Recreation and Parks. Friends of Schiller Park funds and maintains many enhancements. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Friends of Schiller Park provides funding through special events, private donations, grants, and sponsorships.


Schiller Park was purchased by the City of Columbus in 1867 (as City Park) and is a masterpiece of landscape architecture created to provide a scenic retreat from urban life for the enjoyment of all. Our work is founded on the belief that citizen leadership and private philanthropy are key to ensuring that the park and its essential purpose endure.

Friends of Schiller Park has forged a partnership with the City of Columbus’ Recreation and Parks Department, setting the standard for and spreading the principles of these types of private-public partnerships – emphasizing environmental excellence – to improve the quality of open space for the enjoyment of all. The City owns the Park and has legal authority over it; Friends of Schiller Park serves in an advisory and supportive capacity. We provide an independent, knowledgeable, and “on the ground” voice for the residents of the community and the users of the Park. We also augment the work of the City’s Recreation and Parks Department by providing enhancements and supplementing core maintenance and park programming.

Friends of Schiller Park is proud to have been the first “friends” group in Columbus, and is committed to sustaining this operating model to provide a legacy for future generations of Park users.


Public Confidence We are a public charity and work to earn and maintain confidence in our role as caretakers of Schiller Park.

Inclusiveness Schiller Park provides recreational space and programing to a broad south side Columbus community. We seek engagement from residents of all of the area neighborhoods to ensure an inclusive perspective.

Integrity We value ethical conduct in our business practices and in our relationships.

Collaboration Believing collaboration can save money, help avoid duplication, establish long-term connections, and strengthen the core of each participating organization, we seek opportunities to forge partnerships.


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