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This mural was made by CCAD Ceramics Professor, Kaname Takada, with help from student assistants. 672-square feet, it consists of 42 squares or 630 tiles. A quote from Takada: "The title evolved as we worked on the project. There are two different meanings. Because Japanese is a phonetically simple language, there are many words that have the same sounds but different meanings. “Wa” is not an exception. Among the many Chinese characters that can be used to pronounce it, there are two that can be translated as “Rings” or “Circles,” with obvious reference to the repeated design. If I were to use the Japanese character, the meaning would be “Peace” and/or “Unity.” At the initial design stage, though, the title for the mural was the Chinese character for circles. The more the work progressed, the more obvious it became that the mural could not have been successfully completed without the help and cooperation of many people."


60 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, OH, 43215
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