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I am Gabrielle Burton.

Filmmaking is my art.

Filmmaker, writer, producer

Five Sisters Productions

“I love the puzzle-pieces in editing a film; it's like a huge game of storytelling Tetris. I like stepping back and watching my work in the process as a viewer might—finding bits that can be refined, improved, or clarified. ”

Where to See Gabrielle Burton

Public Art
This artist does not currently have any public art on display.

"As an indie filmmaker and a writer (poetry & non-fiction), I am both collaborative and self-starting, driven by the desire to use art to engage audiences to think, laugh, and connect. As I've developed as an artist, I've moved increasingly into intertwining my work with community engagement."

"My four sisters and I helm the production company Five Sisters Productions, and we learned early on that we are all a human family that is stronger when supporting each other; our company mission statement is that we make films and commercials that entertain and contribute to a sense of hope on a personal or social level, paralleling a commitment to community involvement and social engagement, with a focus on increasing the diversity of voices both making and being represented onscreen."

"I truly love working with talented crew mates who bring to the table their own skills that enhance mine. "

"Writing is like film editing, both in that most of the work is done in editing, and that it's about reducing, refining, and streamlining the work to its most elegant form. When it works best, the bones of the work becomes invisible, and the story's core rises out to the audience—and that is the moment I love. I then particularly love when the work is shared and moves people—the conversation with the audience is deeply fulfilling and the reason to make art in the first place. "

"The best recharging comes from spending time in nature, having time to reflect, reading poetry, and going to see art. I love the ballet, and I love seeing art in museums. I also watch a lot of French films, because it stimulates my brain while also being just fun and relaxing— and sometimes I sleep, because film days are long!"

"I love the supportive KINDNESS of Columbus artists. We are rooting for each other. "

"One thing that Columbus gives me is space. There is literally more space here—in sky, in land—and that makes open mental space too. I used to plan to move to LA, but I now feel I'd never want to move there anymore, because of the cramped high density of everything. I also appreciate how much art happens here, and the possibilities for collaboration, for getting support, for having more face-to-face engagement with people here that make it a much more enjoyable place to make a life."

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