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Raw Assets

The creative platform is an expressive translation of our foundational messages, condensing all of its important points into a phrase with personality. This is not a tagline or headline, but a starting point to inspire the look, feel, and tone of communications.


Usage: Use this logo as a footer in ads and programs, and as a supporting element in other communications. We don’t expect this logo to take a prominent role in existing organization or artist communications.


ColumbusMakesArt Logo


ColumbusMakesArt Logo


ColumbusMakesArt Logo


ColumbusMakesArt Logo


ColumbusMakesArt Logo


ColumbusMakesArt Logo


ColumbusMakesArt Logo

Size Constraint

For maximum readability don’t use the platform logo at widths smaller than 1 inch. There is no maximum size for use.

ColumbusMakesArt Logo Minium

1 inch miniumum

Social Media Icons


ColumbusMakesArt Social Media Badge

Usage: Consider using this icon and this cover image for your profile or your organization­— especially during the week leading up to the campaign launch, beginning June 7, 2015.

Facebook Cover Photo
ColumbusMakesArt Social Media Bannder

Color Palette

Our vibrant and bold palette works well on dark and light backgrounds. This set of colors offers options that can respond to the photographic elements in the layout.

Usage: Consider using this palette to tie in to the campaign’s overarching platform. We don’t expect this to interfere with the existing brands of organizations and artists, but it’s a resource for creating new materials to align with the platform.


ColumbusMakesArt Primary Color Black

RGB: 37 | 36 | 32
CMYK: 80 | 76 | 52 | 60
WEB: #252420

ColumbusMakesArt Primary Color blue

PMS: 2995
RGB: 0 | 168 | 226
CMYK: 81 | 12 | 0 | 0
WEB: #00A8E2


ColumbusMakesArt Secondary Color 1

PMS: 7710
RGB: 0 | 166 | 182
CMYK: 81 | 12 | 28 | 0
WEB: #00A6B6

ColumbusMakesArt Secondary Color 2

PMS: 380
RGB: 219 | 228 | 68
CMYK: 18 | 0 | 87 | 0
WEB: #DBE444

ColumbusMakesArt Secondary Color 3

PMS: 2612
RGB: 123 | 38 | 130
CMYK: 63 | 100 | 11 | 0
WEB: #7B2682

ColumbusMakesArt Secondary Color 4

PMS: 7723
RGB: 76 | 166 | 134
CMYK: 71 | 14 | 58 | 0
WEB: #4CA686

ColumbusMakesArt Secondary Color 5

PMS: 1787
RGB: 250 | 54 | 74
CMYK: 0 | 92 | 67 | 0
WEB: #FA364A


Raleway is the only typeface for the Art Makes Columbus campaign. It is an elegant and modern sans serif typeface. Raleway has a full family of weights that offer flexibility and variety, while retaining a clean, approachable, and recognizable feel.

Usage: Raleway is free for commercial use, both on the web and in print. It is used for campaign-specific materials, however it is not intended to interfere with existing brands of organizations and artists.



Process photography reflects action and movement. These shots depict the celebration of creation, and can be either macro or micro, with tight crops and wide shots.

Process Photo 1

Process Image 2


Inspiration images reveal the emotional aspect of artistic activity. These shots allow the audience to feel connected to what inspires the artists, and vary in style.

Inspiration Photo 1

Inspiration Image 2


Place photography reflects the landscape of our unique city and the spaces where our artists create. These shots should feel documentary in nature, sometimes with a slight voyeuristic quality.

Place Photo 1

Place Image 2


Portrait shots introduce the artists and connect our audience to them. These images depict artists in genuine moments of creation and should feel authentic and inspiring.

Portraiture Photo 1

Portraiture Image 2

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