Arts events that will have you relishing summer

Remember winter? Remember dreaming of warmer days? Well warmer days are here. Now. And the arts have so many ways for you to get out and appreciate summer. There is a lot on the calendar at Thursday alone has a...
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Grab Your Art Passport and Get Exploring

About half of my Weekend Warriors start with comments about the weather, but when things start cooling off, I COME ALIVE! I’ll even take a little bit of rain, as long as it’s not in the 90s. But these seasonal changes make me eager to get...
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Travel tips for touring the arts in Cbus

I have family coming into town from Colorado and California. I work in the arts so it is important that I represent well and have a list of weekend arts offerings at the ready. I also want to keep filling up my Columbus Makes Arts...
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Back to School Doesn’t Mean the End of Summer Fun

When this publishes, my boys will be attending their first day of school. I know we also say summer goes fast, but my goodness did this summer fly by. I’m excited for the return to regular schedules, but I will certainly miss hanging out...
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