10 events to welcome in October

Good bye September, I barely knew ya. Anyone else feel like time is simultaneously dragging and flying by? No? Just me? Ok. Well, It seems like I was only just starting the week and already I am thinking of the weekend. The arts have...
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School’s In But Summer’s Not Out

Our boys are going back to school this week, which always makes it feel like summer is over, but the weather is still warm, pools are still open, there are outdoor markets and concerts to attend, and there’s still plenty to do in Columbus...
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More October Arts Adventures

Lately we’ve enjoyed plenty of fun arts adventures. I caught a concert at the intimate Rambling House last week. On Saturday we stopped by Scrawl, one of my favorite festivals in Columbus. And with our oldest being in marching band, we’re...
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11 Arts Events to Explore this Weekend

Preparing for the holidays can be exhausting even when it’s fun. So, a break where I can just take in a performance or exhibition is a must. There is a ton going on this time of year, but I’ve highlighted 11 arts events both seasonal and...
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A New Year’s Challenge & Nine Arts Events

Here’s my New Year’s challenge to myself and I hope that anyone who sees this will join me: Try something new in the arts. Maybe it’s a genre you’ve been a little hesitant to explore, maybe it’s a new group or venue that you want to check...
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