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Weekend Warriors

10 events to welcome in October

Good bye September, I barely knew ya. Anyone else feel like time is simultaneously dragging and flying by? No? Just me? Ok. Well, It seems like I was only just starting the week and already I am thinking of the weekend. The arts have Read More
Weekend Warriors

School’s In But Summer’s Not Out

Our boys are going back to school this week, which always makes it feel like summer is over, but the weather is still warm, pools are still open, there are outdoor markets and concerts to attend, and there’s still plenty to do in Columbus Read More
Weekend Warriors

Planning an Arts Weekend

I wish I could bottle the weather from this past weekend. These cool, crisp, sunny days make me want to get out and do everything. We hit up a high school football game (mainly to watch a certain 14-year-old in the marching band), visited Read More
Weekend Warriors

Wild Women, Flower Power and SoupFest on our itinerary

Listen, I don’t ever want to hear anyone say there’s nothing to do in Columbus. Every weekend artists in this city are bringing you all the things. Just search the events calendar at ColumbusMakesArt.com and you will see a plethora of art Read More

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