Nine events that are free this weekend

Last weekend I embarked on something called the i75 Yarn Crawl, which is a four-state, self-guided tour of yarn shops and fiber studios. I drove up to Michigan (windows down, music up) and was financially irresponsible (knitters will...
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A Virtual Festival Latino, Streaming Concerts and Gallery Openings

It makes me so proud to see Columbus artists and arts organizations still keeping so busy these days. Looking over the calendars on for this week, I’m amazed again at everything that’s going on: a virtual festival,...
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Festivals, Concerts, Drive-Through Art Sales

Last Friday my family and I visited Franklinton Fridays, and it was delightful to see people out safely enjoying the arts. We grabbed dinner, strolled around 400 Square, toured several galleries and artist studios, and collected a couple...
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Arts activities to fit any budget

I have spent the bulk of my life living paycheck to paycheck and assumed that arts events were something that I could not afford. I wish the events calendar was around when I was coming up so that I would have known...
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