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Weekend Warriors

Surviving social distancing

By Nick Dekker & Lacey Luce Normally Weekend Warriors would be sharing our picks for weekend arts & culture events. Normally has left the building, gone home and is washing her hands. Today Nick and Lacey will each offer five tips Read More
Weekend Warriors

Recommendations for live dance, theater, music and more

As I checked out the arts offerings on ColumbusMakesArt.com this week, I was delighted to find a diversity of genres represented and several events that have multiple disciplines collaborating. Whether you love dance, theater, live music, Read More
Weekend Warriors

Week Three of the Passport!

Every time this year that little meme appears with comical names for the seasons, marking our current moment as “False Fall.” Even if this is just a temporary cool-down before the real thing, I’ll still take it. This weather invigorates Read More
Weekend Warriors

Last Call on Passport Events

This week is the final week for the Columbus Makes Art Passport! Last chance to hit up loads of great events, collect stamps and earn prizes. Here’s a selection: OSU Theatre opens Men on Boats on Wednesday, Oct. 26. This is one of the last Read More

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